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Monochrome or True Colours ....

Dramatic dahlia Monochrome

I used to work almost exclusively in black and white ,using film, waiting with anticipation for my prints to appear in the tray or be handed over by a photo lab . Learning to paint with light and aiming for true blacks ,definition and shadows . These days however with the instant gratification that digital photography provides the option to simply edit colour to black and white and vice versa

can place the two side by side and allow comparisons , debate and juxtaposition. It may be mood related but sometimes I hanker for the art feel of monochrome and film and the fact that interpretation is based on use of light , composition and focus without the distraction of colour .

On other occasions of course ,the depth and vibrancy of colour is the whole story.

So ...the debate continues Monochrome or true colours? ....each to their own ....

Dramatic dahlia ..true colours

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